Love Letter Postcards to Austin

We want to tell our representatives in government that we love our school and our teachers and they should remember our schools and support us when making new laws!

It can be that simple! We just want to tell our reps we LOVE PUBLIC SCHOOL!

This is a project for everyone! Students, teachers, and parents! We've made a video you can show your kids (click or scroll down)

Your SHM PTA will take care of postage! We can also supply you with postcards to use... they are in a bin in front of school behind the South Hi Mount info sign. This is also where you can drop off your completed postcards (PTA will add postage and mail for you... pics of bin below)!

The Texas PTA has a list of Legislative Priorities for the upcoming, and extraordinarily important, Texas legislative session. But it is enough, for now, to simply remind our representatives of the importance of Public Education when making financial decisions for Texas! That can be as simple as, “Love our public schools!” Some other good messages: “Public Schools Rule!,” “Public Schools Teach Our Future Leaders,” “Protect our Texas Public Schools,” “Support Public Schools,” “A Great State Deserves Great Public Schools,” “Support FWISD!,” “We Love FWISD!”

Below are some sample postcards done by students in Keller ISD: (more info from Keller ISD is available in this presentation)

South Hi Mount’s attendance zone is represented by 2 different Texas House Representatives. If students add their address to their postcard, we need to make sure the postcard is sent to the correct representative. You can do this as part of the class project at: or simply return the cards to PTA without a mailing address and we will do the look-up and addressing.

These postcards are Public School Love Letters to Austin, telling your state legislature that you care about public education!

South Hi Mount Attendance Zone Reps:

We are currently focusing on our 3 state legislators (Romero, Geren, and Nelson):

Texas House District 90

SHM Area south if I-30

Room E2.322

P.O. Box 2910

Austin, TX 78768

Texas House District 99

SHM Area north of I-30

Room GW.15

P.O. Box 2910

Austin, TX 78768

Texas Senate District 12

The Honorable Jane Nelson

P.O. Box 12068

Capitol Station

Austin, TX 78711

More representatives to contact:

Texas Board of Education

Ms. Aicha Davis (State Board of Education District 13)

Ms Patricia Hardy (State Board of Education District 11)

United States:

Congresswoman Kay Granger (US Congressional District 12)

Senator John Cornyn (US Senate)

Senator Ted Cruz (US Senate)

PTA is NON-PARTISAN, but DOES take positions on ISSUES related to public education.

Here's a video SHM PTA has produced to explain the project to students:

The postcard bin is behind this sign in front of South Hi Mount.

Inside the bin are 2 bags. One with blank postcards for you to take home and fill out, and one for completed postcards that PTA will mail for you.

Useful links:

Interested in MORE info on Advocacy? Check out our Advocacy page and sign up for some of the Advocacy alerts listed there!